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Commercial and School Maintenance in Adelaide

With a background in landscape construction and landscape management Hannaford maintenance can provide exemplary service to cater to the specific needs of your organization or premises.

Hannaford Maintenance understands the relationship between a well maintained garden and open space and student/staff/employee wellbeing. It also says a lot to outsiders and other stakeholders.

Taking this into consideration, Hannaford Maintenance can develop a maintenance plan which will comprehensively and sustainably develop your landscape into a showpiece for the local community.

We pride ourselves in providing a stand out service for a diverse range of clients including:

  • Hallett Cove R-12 School
  • Hamilton Secondary College
  • Goodwood Primary School
  • Elders Real Estate


"Hannaford Creative Landscape spent 10 weeks at Hallett Cove School undertaking a number of landscape projects. They are a very professional business and their presence in the school was well accepted. Hannaford focus on engagement with the staff and students in the design and planning stages. This generated interest and enthusiasm about transforming the school grounds. There expertise in horticulture has resulted in a self maintained irrigation system and low maintenance grounds approach. Their work has transformed the school. Our aim was to beautify our school grounds from the time you drive in the carpark. The community regularly comment about the transformation of the grounds. Their work has lifted the spirits of our school community"
Mary Asikas, Principal, Hallet Cove R-12 School

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